Why YQ silicone sex doll is the best?

Today, sex life has changed due to the existence of the sex toys. Many people prefer having their intimacy with a sex doll instead of having a relationship that might lead to stress. There are more reasons to why most people prefer the sex doll. A day can’t pass before an update is done on a new style and type of a sex doll being produced.

Our YQ Doll is made of 100% silicone which is softer than any other sex dolls on the market. You can customize your own doll, there are so many options for you to choose: different body/eye colors, hair style and pubic hair, and the most especial, you can choose to add tattoo on the doll and colorful nail styles.

Body Temperature.
All most the mayor of our silicone sex dolls come with the option of body temperature. That means you can make your doll warm before use, and treat her like a real lady with body temperature.

YQ silicone sex dolls can also make voice when using. More details, please write email to us: sales@yqdoll.com

Advantages of using YQ Doll
Other than these fantastic elements this YQ sex doll has so many favorable circumstances which all are not conceivable to describe. In any case, among them, some of the most important advantages are given underneath.

Ideal for All
This YQ sex doll is made in a manner that it suits with the structures of every sort of individual and their sexing positions. You can also use it as bed mate because of the size and softness of the sex doll. This memory froth pillow takes the best care of your well being by providing you with the maximum comfort.

Best make technology
Halting in the middle of sex is not beautiful to anyone by any means. What’s more, it happens because of discomfort. Be that as it may, our sex doll is very much conscious about the temperature. The technology of this doll is a great deal more developed than the ordinary dolls. Along these lines, it is very much effective for giving you a healthy life.

Most minimal and best price
The price of this doll is also very much reasonable. That is why; the doll is becoming very popular. Check the present price on our website. Much of the time, the price changes according to the size of the sex doll you pick.

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