You Don’t Need a Girlfriend to Come by, You only Need a Japanese Sex Doll for an Unforgettable Sex Experience

Sex dolls/ love dolls/blowup dolls date back to as early as 1908. Skilled and creative mechanics made artificial male and female body parts using rubber and plastic materials for fornicatory purposes. Over the years, sex doll making technology has been advancing, and by the 1970s, companies were manufacturing sex dolls using latex, vinyl, and silicone. Dolls were ranging from $75 to $ 4000 depending on the material used to make. Vinyl is commonly used for cheaper sex dolls while silicone or thermoplastic elastomer is used to manufacture the relatively expensive sex dolls. Asian countries have taken sex doll design and manufacturing at a higher level. Most of the Asian sex dolls are produced using silicone and a thermoplastic elastomer with more lifelike qualities. Their bodies, faces, hair (sometimes real hair), and skin materials are modeled on real people. Some have flexible joints that allow them to be positioned in distinct position for a better sexual experience. The Orient industry is the top manufacturer of high-quality sex dolls in Japan. The dolls come in two sets, the “datchi waifu,” which means the “Dutch wives” and the “rabu doru,” the latest name for sex dolls. They are made of high-quality silicone and are sometimes mistaken for real women. The company also customizes sex dolls to suit the needs of a potential buyer. They also come in different lingerie colors and designs to make them appealing. Orient is also working on enhancing the eyes and the skin to make them look real. Prices range from $1,000 to $10,000 each. This, however, is not an impediment to buyers because the company is registering high sales each year. The Japanese sex doll industry puts the needs of the client at the center thus, attracting more customers. This site will deliver the latest Japanese sex dolls at affordable prices to all clients yearning for an unforgettable sex experience without necessarily having a girlfriend in play.

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